My Rag

Artists: John hartford

Now about this lick I'm a pickin' on the guitar, really feels down home

Gives me a little jazz and a little blues

Maybe I need me a buncha more notes and a mess of them fancy chords

Those weird ones like Arthur Fiedler uses

It's a riff I used to play each night before I went on stage
Wasn't really trying to make any kind of tune
You see
It's just my style, just my bag, guess come to think of it
Its just my rag and I'm sitting her picking it out for?
First it's D and then it's G, then A, then back to D
G a little more and then back to A
Back to D then G then A the back to D
Go to E right here then back to A
and make a little run
The to D then G then A then Back to D
Back to G some more then G flat with a 7th B minor D 7th
Then to G then to E then to A
This little run the back to D
Then the minor parts be minor and you go and hit G flat
Then you do it once again just one more time
Then you go to D and you bring it back to A
The one more time to D then back to A